Exhaust smoke is not a normal occurrence. It implies something is wrong with your engine. The challenge is to diagnose the root cause, so it can be properly addressed. If the underlying problem is neglected, it can worsen to the point that your engine becomes severely damaged.

Smoke coming from the tailpipe displays in one of three colors: blue, white, or black. Each color suggests a different set of problems, and thus plays a key role in the troubleshooting process. In the space below, we'll describe the most common factors that can contribute to each color smoke.

What Does Blue Smoke Mean?

If you notice blue smoke coming from your tailpipe, it means that motor oil is leaking into one or more combustion chambers. The oil is being burned along with air and fuel when the cylinder's spark plug ignites the mixture. Even a tiny amount can produce blue smoke. Over time, the spark plug may become fouled due to the burned oil, causing your engine to misfire.

There are several places that can allow oil to gain access to the combustion chambers. Each represents a possible leak. They include the various seals, gaskets, and valve guides as well as the piston rings. Unless you have substantial experience working on cars autel maxisys ms906, finding and replacing the compromised part is best left to a trained mechanic autel maxidas ds808.

What Does White Smoke Mean?

White smoke should not be confused with the thin wisps of steam that comes from the tailpipe when you start your car. Steam is the result of a blast of hot air passing by residual condensation within the exhaust system. It should disappear after a few minutes.

If you see white smoke, it means that coolant is leaking into one or more combustion chambers. Like the oil described earlier, it is being burned with the air-fuel mixture.

There are two main ways coolant can leak into the cylinders. The first way is through the head gasket. Sandwiched between the engine block and cylinder head, it is responsible for providing a seal that maintains compression in the cylinders, and prevents coolant from leaking. A head gasket failure results in a leak, which in turn produces white smoke.

The second way coolant can enter the combustion chambers is through a cracked cylinder head. This problem is less common than a blown head gasket, though just as serious. When cracks occur, they are usually due to overheating, which causes thermal stress in the metal. Cracks may also occur as the result of poorly installed components.

What Does Black Smoke Mean?

Black smoke is caused by excess fuel in the engine's cylinders. The air-fuel mixture is too rich, and as a result, some of the fuel in the chambers is not burned completely. Of the three types of smoke you may see coming from your car's tailpipe, this type should cause the least amount of concern. Your engine might suffer slight performance issues, and you may notice a drop in gas mileage. But the underlying cause of the black smoke is unlikely to lead to serious engine damage.

Several factors can cause excess fuel to end up in the combustion chambers. For example, one or more fuel injectors may have developed a leak. Or, if your vehicle is equipped with a carburetor, the choke may have become stuck in a closed position. The fuel pump may be failing. Or, your car's powertrain control module (the computer) may be receiving bad data from an oxygen sensor. Troubleshooting the problem will likely require the help of a mechanic.

Regardless of the type of exhaust you see coming from your tailpipe, it is important to have the issue resolved. Black smoke is not as serious as blue and white smoke, but should be addressed to maintain your engine's performance. Realize upfront that repairs for the latter two types of exhaust are likely to be the most costly.

Kansas City GMC from Fangman Kansas City Car Dealers
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When you are left handed, you are simply used to looking at the world through a right-handed person's eyes. Everything has been created with them in mind. However, left handed people do make up approximately ten percent of the world's population. That's a lot of left-handers out there, trying to deal with this righthanded world. Left-handed people are also likely to have high I.Q.s, so they have become quite smart at adapting to the world. One of the biggest adaptations is the automobile.

However, many automobile manufacturers are responding to the needs of left-handed people and are creating left-handed cars. These left-handed cars are quite popular with this segment of the population. For those of us who are right handed, think for a moment if everything in your car was set up in the exact reverse position that it was. That you were expected to make at times split second decisions with your nondominent hand. This is a very difficult and frustrating position to put anyone in.

Some of the most popular left-handed cars include Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Nissan. These automobile manufacturers have created a number of models with a left-handed version. For Ford these include: Ford Focus, Ford Galaxy and Ford Fusion. For BMW these include: BMW 118, BMW 320, BMW M5. For Volkswagen these include: Volkswagen Eos, Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen New Beetle. For Nissan these include: Nissan Almera, Nissan Murano, Nissan Pathfinder. One can easily see that left handed people can now own a luxury car, a mid-sized car, a moderately priced car and a car that is very safety conscious. It is ideal that left-handed drivers are offered great choices for their automobiles. Left handed drivers can choose many popular cars that we know and love to drive, for all of the popular reasons that other drivers select them.

One might think that offering left-handed cars might reduce the number of accidents. When someone is forced to drive with their non-dominant hand, this must be challenging. At times, this could be the cause of a great safety risk, when someone reaches for something with their dominant hand that is in the "wrong" place for the right-handed car. Now with the left-handed car, the left-handed driver is put in a great position of control.

Before the left-handed car, left-handed drivers must have gotten used to driving in right-handed cars. Left-handed people are simply forced to adapt at many times and situations. This is commonplace when you are not the majority of a group. The majority of the group makes decisions that affect everyone. Now having left handed cars may also boost the confidence of left-handed people autel maxisys ms906. Having a car created just for them recognizes their needs and requirements ds808. It no longer forces them to adapt, they can drive comfortably with their dominant hand in the "right" (correct) place.

Left-handed cars are ideal for many reasons. Hopefully they will encourage even more adaptations for left-handed people. Left handed people deserve to have gadgets and tools that are specifically designed for their needs. Left-handed cars are part of the wave of the future.

Oakleaf a European import car dealer supplies a full range of left hand drive cars also know as Lhd cars.
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Smart Car Hire

So you have reached Jersey on a quiet holiday with your loved one. You want to enjoy the trip in total intimacy and absolute privacy. Then, smart car hire is the best option for going around the island.

Jersey lies to the south of UK and offers a host of memorable experiences to all those who come here. It has impressively varied natural beauty and great hospitality. Enjoying the sights of Jersey requires an unhurried approach. One could drive along beaches and climb onto mountain roads to follow the rugged cliffs. There are narrow, winding country lanes lined with fragrant wild flowers. Large cars with booming engines are totally out of sync with the ambience of the place. So, one should choose smart car hire.

The latest sensation in automobile world is the smart car. It is a cute one with comfortable seating for two. It has power-packed features like easy maneuverability and can be parked even in the most congested space Autel Maxidas DS808. It has two versions - petrol and battery-powered.

Smart car hire is a popular choice among young people visiting Jersey. It gives them the freedom to frame their own itinerary and savor moments of togetherness. The roads are narrow and winding and hence the small car is most suitable. Since the island has strict environmental regulations, the smart car is ideal with its eco-friendly features. The speed limits on the roads of Jersey make traveling by the smart car a pleasurable experience autel maxisys ms906. With its good fuel efficiency, the smart car provides great value for money.

Zebrahire is a popular car hire agency in Jersey and a pioneer of smart car hire. It accepts bookings online and offers attractive bargains to Internet clients. It is one of the oldest car hire agencies in the Channel Islands and is reputed for its courteous and efficient service. Since the smart car is much in demand, you would do well to specify your choice right at the time of booking.

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The Range Rover has a solid reputation as one of the most luxurious SUV's on the market and has been around for almost forty years. The past few years have seen the SUV go unchanged. With a handful of new owners in recent times; Land Rover the company has been somewhat neglected. Well new for this year the Range Rover gets a full makeover both inside and out. With a base price of $95k the Land Rover Range Rover is in a category all its own. However, automotive fans know that this luxury SUV is the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury SUV's and nothing else can even come close.

This luxury SUV can seat five individuals easily and has four doors. It is equipped by a super powerful 5 liter V-8 engine. The top of the line Range Rover model comes with a monster supercharged engine which is also intercooled. This boosts power to 510 hp and 461 lb. ft. of torque. Power comes through a 6 speed automatic with a manual shifting option. The curb weight is near 3 tons at 5,938 lbs. But the ample horsepower can rock the Range Rover from 0-60 MPH in 5.1 seconds with the quarter mile at 13.7 seconds at 104 mph. This is muscle car territory. Other SUV's don't even come close to this kind of incredible power. Fuel economy is not so great though at 12 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway.

Are you curious to find out what you get for the hefty price of $100,000? You get an interior that is as luxurious as a $300k car. The supple white leather surrounds you on the seats and the interior panels sport are complemented with stunning wood trim on every side. The exterior has been upgraded with a new bumper and squared off grill and hood autel maxidas ds808. The headlights now have LED's which is a common theme among high end luxury vehicles. The front fenders are also new and they come with cool vents.

You would expect a luxury SUV to sport the latest safety features and cool accessories and this car sure does. The vehicle now has all electrical instrumentation. There is now smart laser cruise control which keeps the same distance from the car in front of you no matter the speed. There is a blind spot warning system that lets you know when there is another car in your blind spot. The collision avoidance system can even adjust the brakes and brake for you.

The Terrain Response System helps sort out the road and add to the ride quality when on the pavement. But once off road maxisys elite scan tool, this system ensures that the Range Rover continues the tradition of a true off-road going SUV. The supercharged engine, active suspension, and off-road electronic control systems make for the ultimate handling and performing SUV.

The 2011 Land Rover offers lots of updates such as a much larger 5-liter engine up from 4.2-liters last year. The brakes are upgraded as well and the suspension gets additional active dampeners. This is as good as it gets when it comes to luxury SUV's. If you want the best then check out the 2011 Land Rover!

Written by Jacqueline Star: Orange County Ford, Luxury Cars Las Vegas, Los Angeles Infiniti
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With the recent push by President Bush for alternative fuel strategies, much confusion has arisen regarding tax incentives for hybrid vehicles. This article clarifies the issue for you.

Tax Deductions for Your 2005 Hybrid Automobile

People buy hybrid vehicles for different reason. They are good for the environment. They get much better mileage, which saves money. There are tax incentives for buying them. With the recent energy plan put in place by the federal government, there is a lot of confusion regarding the tax incentives autel online.

Specifically, the question for most people is whether they can claim a tax deduction or a tax credit when they buy a hybrid. Here is the breakdown:

The Good ?If you purchased a hybrid vehicle in 2005, you can claim a tax deduction.

The Bad ?If you purchased a hybrid vehicle in 2005, you cannot claim a tax credit.

The Ugly ?If you had waited till 2006, you could have claimed a tax credit.

Tax credits save you a lot more money than tax deductions. Tax deductions are applied to your gross income like any other deduction. This helps lower your tax bill, but tax credits are much more powerful. Tax credits are not taken out of your gross income. Instead, tax credits are taken out of the exact amount of tax you owe the government. If you owe the government $10,000 after filling out your tax return and can claim a $2,000 tax credit, your final tax bill is $8,000.

You are stuck with a tax deduction tax deduction if you purchased a hybrid in 2005, but at least it is a nice one. The deduction amount is $2,000 for vehicles certified by the IRS. They include:

Ford Escape Hybrid: Model Year 2006

Mercury Mariner Hybrid: Model Year 2006

Lexus RX 400h: Model Year 2006

Ford Escape Hybrid: Model Year 2005

Toyota Prius: Model Years 2001 through 2006

Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Model Year 2006

Honda Insight: Model Years 2000 through 2005

Honda Civic Hybrid: Model Years 2003 and 2005

Honda Accord Hybrid: Model Year 2005

To claim this deduction Autel MaxiSys, you must have purchased a NEW hybrid. If the hybrid was used, you get nothing. Assuming it was new, the deduction is claimed on line 36 of the 1040 form. Make sure to write Clean Fuel in the space provided.

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