Isn't it annoying if you have been waiting patiently at a bar for ages to be served and someone breezes in and gets served straight away. In most walks of life there is invariably some opportunist waiting around the corner to steal the limelight from the rest of us.

With this thought in mind it seems that Volkswagen was able to time the launch of their compact 4x4 to perfection especially as they have sat back for a number of years and waited to see what the competition was doing and then simply breezed in with the Tiguan Autel MaxiDiag MD808.

This was a masterstroke on the part of VW as they were able to assess all the shortcomings of the other vehicles in this class and introduce new technology that was way ahead of anything else on the market. Some would argue that the Tiguan was a little late to arrive at the party but I believe that by biding their time VW has been able to offer a vehicle that is simply light years ahead of its rivals.

Sure there have been successful offerings from other manufacturers in the meantime, not least Honda with its CR-V, Mitsubishi with its Outlander which has spawned the Citroen C-Crosser and Peugeot 4007 and Nissan with the Qashqai. However, it is the Land Rover Freelander that the Tiguan has its eye on.

Although the Tiguan is not the most flamboyant off roader, it is almost certainly one of the best conceived.

For a start it comes packed with gizmos that leave drivers of an old Land Rover Discovery like mine slack-jawed in amazement. These include an electronic self-parking system, a rear parking camera, a panoramic sunroof and a sat nav and stereo system that can store 30 gigabytes worth of your favorite garage tunes or alternatively nursery rhymes when the kids are on board.

More practical is the fact that the Tiguan can tow 2½ tons, more than any other car in its class, this is accompanied by a neat, optional pop-out tow hook. Further features include a steering system that prevents the steering wheel from breaking your thumbs during serious off-roading, a sat nav system that can work out where you are even if you are off road and a front passenger seat whose backrest folds forward for extra long loads.

It has a front-end design that allows it to mount steep banks without scraping the bumper, and comes with a sophisticated battery of electronic off-road aids. These include hill-descent control, pioneered by Land Rover, which brakes the car to crawling speed on steep slippery slopes, and a hill-hold control system that operates in conjunction with the electronic handbrake so you don't inadvertently roll backwards off a cliff.

The car's electronic brain also activates a limited slip differential to eliminate wheel spin Autel MaxiSys Pro, alters the brakes to suit loose surfaces and reduces the accelerator's sensitivity and there's even a compass if the sat nav does pack up.

All Tiguans come equipped with permanent four-wheel drive known as 4Motion, in VW language. This divides power equally between all four wheels, ensuring maximum traction. Once on the move it will send 90% of the engine's energy to the front wheels if conditions are good, in order to improve fuel economy.

The Tiguan is fitted with a 2 litre direct injection 140bhp turbo diesel which is considerably quieter than clattery old-school diesels, especially at motorway cruising speed.

The Tiguan's impeccable road manners are complemented by its comfortable and well appointed cabin, which is also exceptionally well laid out. The sat nav screen is sited conveniently high, the instruments and controls are easily read and the electronic handbrake gives plenty of storage space between the front seats.

Also impressive given this is a family car, is that the back seats are equally as accommodating, and when slid into the rearmost position still provide generous legroom. The seat which is split 60:40 is easily folded too. The boot is well designed and reasonably large, even with the rear seats pushed fully back.

Practical design combined with innovative technology is what VW is all about these days and when you factor in a standard of finish that's a cut above you can see why people are prepared to spend a bit extra on a Volkswagen.

Jon Barlow has been looking at the VW Tiguan the 4x4 which was a little late in arriving on the scene but is definitely here to stay
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Volkswagen just seems to go from strength to strength. In recent times it has quietly risen through the ranks of the motor industry to appear as the third largest car manufacturer in the world today. It has done this by a combination of sheer business acumen, some clever acquisitions and a certain amount of good fortune.

Volkswagen Group, or VW AG, as it is now known from its previously ill-advised acronym VAG is Europe's biggest car manufacturer, with its headquarters located in Wolfsburg in central Germany. VW AG not only owns the brand VW, but also owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat and Skoda which is an enviable portfolio by anyone's reckoning.

To give a brief history lesson, it was in the year 1933 that Adolf Hitler decided that the German public deserved a "people's car"; in essence it should have four seats to accommodate the average German family, be able to drive up to 60mph but most importantly to be purchased by means of a saving scheme whereby people saved five German marks a week in order to purchase a car. Many paid into the savings scheme but the outbreak of war ultimately meant that few actually received their car with the notable exception of Hitler who although couldn't drive received a Beetle for his 49th Birthday! The later success of the Beetle and ultimately the success of Volkswagen arose from these humble beginnings.

The manufacture of the Beetle was a key factor to its success. The main aim was to keep the production cost per unit as low as possible. Since this was the most challenging part of the equation, an entire city, Wolfsburg, was built in central Germany to host the production site. Wolfsburg's infrastructure was based on the specific needs of Volkswagen. The production facility benefited from its location in relation to other industrial areas of Germany. In addition the railway connection to the Ruhr-Valley, Germany's largest industrial area, was vital as VW was dependent on the steel supply from there. Wolfsburg was built near the town of Braunschweig, which enabled VW to recruit a skilled local workforce.

Once the production aspect was completed, Ferdinand Porsche facilitated the manufacturing process and introduced flow production. He based this on the same principles of flow production at Henry Ford's production lines in Detroit/USA Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. The disadvantage of flow production was the limited variety and flexibility within the production line, which was overcome through the production of just one model - the Beetle.

Through continuous re-investment of profits into research and development, VW grew in importance through the 70s, 80s and 90s. However, in the early 90s, VW was facing a dilemma regarding their position in the market. It seemed that the luxury car market was growing extensively, leaving VW exposed with their medium range vehicles.

VW's CEO was keen to be involved with high-class brands like Bentley, who had serious financial problems at the time and were in need of backing. VW embarked on a number of high profile acquisitions and with each one introduced the same business philosophies that had worked for them. By the late 90s all of the brands were competing successfully in their markets, improving VW's overall position. By 2000 VW was operating in nearly every sector of the market including Trucks, leaving them less exposed to risk should one particular market encounter difficulties.

VW's move to production in Eastern Europe was criticised as it led to job cuts in Germany. However, this was deemed necessary to keep VW competitive as cheaper labour contributed to reducing costs. The ongoing success of Volkswagen is still largely dependent on their well organised infrastructure Autel Diaglink, not only in Germany but also through their supply channels around the world, which keeps production costs low whilst still maintaining quality, something which has backfired for other car makers.

In his latest article Jon Barlow looks at the rise of Volkswagen from humble beginnings to Global brand Heritage VW
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More than one auto restoration back yard expert has had some difficulty and difficulties in installing piston rings in older vintage and classic Chevrolet vehicles. You would think that this procedure would be standard like "fixing a Chevy" and not like current vehicles that are all so high tech electronics and cramped to work on. However this repair and renewal procedure and set of procedures is not without its challenges to the backyard mechanic and want to be vintage or classic auto restoration expert. To begin with the pistons themselves must be cleaned of gunk and debris Autel Diaglink, the rings removed and ultimately the pistons themselves must be carefully inspected.

To begin with after the connecting rod and piston assemblies are removed from the engine, they should be thoroughly cleaned in a solvent designed for cleaning engine parts. If such a special solvent is not available, standard kerosene can be used; however it is not nearly as effective as commercial cleaning solvents. After the disassemblies have been cleaned, the rings can be removed as they will not be used again. The usual practice is to grab the end of the ring with a pair of pliers and pull out. In the case of cast iron rings, this will break the ring so that both parts are easily removed from the groove. Steel rings are removed in the same manner but instead of breaking, the ring can be easily worked out of the groove and once one end is free, the rest will easily spiral out of the grooves. Always be sure to remove the steel expander ring from the bottom of each groove, where such rings are used. Then with the rings removed from each piston, the groove can be thoroughly cleaned. The preferred method of cleaning is to use a special ring groove cleaning tool. Such tools quickly cut the carbon from the groove without danger of scratching or damaging the sides of the ring groove.

If such a tool is not available, a substitute method is to use a broken segment of a cast iron piston ring. This is basically used as a scraping tool. However this method is inefficient and is long and tedious. In addition there is also the chance and possibility of marring the surface of the sides of the ring grooves. As a result when placed back into the cylinder they, the result could be loss of compression and also increases in motor oil consumption.

It should be pointed out that if new piston rings are fitted, that the standard at the time, when these autos were the current models "on the roads of America and Canada" that most shops did not even bother to clean the piston and rod assemblies. Instead they sent them to an automotive machine shop to clean the assemblies, and install new pistons and rings. Or, if desired, the ring installation could be left if you wish, to the mechanic doing the actual overhaul job. In general, when new rings are found to be necessary, it is always advisable to install new piston rings at the same time concurrently. The reason being that pins generally wear out about the same time as rings do.

Before installing new rings on the pistons or fitting new piston rings, the pistons should be carefully checked to ensure that they are in good condition and are still serviceable. In addition the difference in diameter between the pistons and the cylinder wall should be checked. In the automotive trade this was known as "piston clearance".

When examining the piston, make sure that the ring grooves are in good condition, that the sides of the grooves are smooth, and without any groove worn by the rings. The sides of the grooves must be at right angles with the center line of the piston. A good method of checking the grooves is to roll a new piston ring around the groove. It should roll freely without binding, but also without any "side play". If the clearance between the side of the ring and the piston groove exceeds .005 inches, then the piston itself should be discarded and a replacement substituted. However if desired the pistons can be placed in a lathe, and the grooves trued. A spacing ring is then inserted to compensate for the amount of metal removed from the side of the groove. Note when checking pistons; make sure that there are no burned out areas around the ring lands. In addition, make sure that there are no cracks. If the piston is of the steel strut type variety, make sure that the strut has not itself come loose.

Lastly in terms of inspection of the piston itself. Spongy eroded areas near the top of the pistons are usually if not invariably caused by detonation or pre-ignition Autel Maxisys MS908CV. A shiny surface on the thrust surface of the piston, offset from the center line between the piston pin holes, can be caused by a bent connecting rod. Replace pistons that show signs of excessive wear, wavy "ring lands", fracture and / or damage from detonation and pre-ignition.

T. Z. Cole Used Trucks Vancouver BC Fort Mc Murray Car Dealers Auto Sales Vancouver Canada  
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The ease with which GPS tracking helps you to keep tabs on your business productivity and contributes to the reduction to your overall business costs such as fuel and missed deadlines means it is the investment for businesses involved in any type of vehicle management and logistics services.

There is a great deal of choice available when it comes to choosing a vehicle tracking system and your selection will inevitably depend on what kind of business you run as well as what you need from the system that determines which of the many products you should choose.

GPS tracking systems work by sending precise microwave signals from satellites to the receiver in your vehicle. This data can then be processed into a location, which is presented to the client in the form of a digital map. This is the most basic level of vehicle tracking available but there are many other benefits that a tracking system can offer.

Most systems are customisable to give each type of business the exact details they need to improve their service history and efficiency across the fleet. If you are running a large operation it's important to have all the facts at your fingertips so you can despatch new drivers should you need to and to be confident that your vehicles are working to their optimum capacity.

For example, there are GPS Vehicle tracking systems that can determine whether the engine has been switched off and for how long, just as there are systems which can provide a historic activity report so you can keep tabs on the progress of your vehicle and its goods. Whether you are looking for an in-depth analysis of every vehicle or simply an exact indication of its location direction and speed, there is a GPS tracking system for your business.

If you are looking to improve your overall operational control of the fleet while it's in motion Autel Maxisys MS908CV, having information about every vehicle not only benefits the company but can improve customer relations too. If, for example, you are working to a tight deadline with a delivery and your client phones to ask when it will arrive, having a GPS tracking system on-board means you can give an exact timescale with regards to arrival time. This is a fantastic way to reassure every client and to make sure you meet your desired ETA.

You can also improve the working conditions of your drivers with the right vehicle tracking system - after all no one likes sitting in traffic for hours! Avoiding delays on the roads using mapping software helps you to meet your deadlines and means you can free up more drivers to make more pick-ups in a day.

A GPS system can even help out when proving the validity of a parking ticket so you don't lose out unnecessarily Autel MaxiSys Pro. Saving you money on additional costs such as these as well as helping you to improve your driver's routes to save on fuel and speed, the right vehicle tracking system can help every one.

Kent Stabler - Marketing Manager - Chameleon Direct are suppliers of gps vehicle tracking systems, hands free car kits and speed camera detector equipment. With over 1 Million UK customers Chameleon Direct they also provide hands free installation services.
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It's really a weekend! How great it is to wash automobile as well as detailing it at the same time. Through cleansing, you'll be able to eliminate particular derivatives which came in connection with your car. You'd probably be amazed simply how much dirt is actually stacking up on your vehicle's inner surface as well as outside. Cleansing is a lot like baths, nevertheless, you can do car bathing for just a few times a month which will be adequate sufficient. All car car cleaning techniques depends on washing your vehicle after that just about all others will follow. You cannot put on fresh clothing and fragrances without bathing yourself right now, can you? Nicely for many people it can be, yet it's not truly ideal.

Tips on how to start with all the correct washing methods of your car? Read on...

1. Rinse. Rinsing is going to be done in the beginning and at the end of you bathing the car. You need to completely wash your car so that you can clean away some easily-removed dirt and people with piled up is going to be softened. Work with a garden hose along with overflowing water however be sure that the stream is not necessarily that severe adequate to harm your car or soft enough that it will not achieve your own aim. Hard channels of water may also be the reason for car scratch that is why extreme pressure of water isn't advised. Detailers would choose water to pass freely from over the car or out of the hose along with the need to utilize a nozzle.

2. Cleaning agent use. Whenever 'soaping" your car, ensure that you use the type of cleaning agent that is specifically for the purpose of your car as well as what you easy use in your kitchen or in your restroom. Don't use dish-washing cleaning soap or liquid because they situations are all too powerful that will give rise to your car's scratches and will remove off its wax.

3. Blend it. In the less complicated circumstance, that is almost all there is certainly to it. Right after preparing your equipments and tools, now you can blend your detergent according to the directions from the manufacturer. Dip your mitt or sponge into the bucket of water that holds the mixed solution. Before doing anything else, you need to adhere to these types of suggestions so that you can showcase safety of your car.

* Be good in your water and detergent. You can use a typical of 3 or 4 buckets of water for a small car and 5 to 6 buckets for the medium-sized car.

* Washing should be done in parts. Start taking top Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. This will enable rinsing to become fairly easier. Right after doing the roof, you are able to go to the door, fender along with other car parts. Be sure that you need to do thorough rinsing in between parts. Following applying a detergent, you need to rinse so that film will not produce. The suds will cause the soap to dry and make an unsightly spot.

* Immediately after cleaning the parts, you have to wash or even rinse out the entire body of the car. Use large amounts of water to ensure that all the a detergent will be flushed away completely. Don't leave crannies, crevices, and nooks where a detergent can drain and hide.

* If you"re not satisfied using the first wash, then do it the second time around autel. It is better to determine acceptable results than settle for what is done. It's not at all bad to wash the second time simply because in detailing the very first washing is simply your way of strategies cleaning.

First washing has looked after the majority of the soil that's observed and the second will do the rest of the soil. That is what good car detailing is all about.

You can also check out my latest website on which give more information about the best Car Video DVD for your trip entertainment.

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