When you are left handed, you are simply used to looking at the world through a right-handed person's eyes. Everything has been created with them in mind. However, left handed people do make up approximately ten percent of the world's population. That's a lot of left-handers out there, trying to deal with this righthanded world. Left-handed people are also likely to have high I.Q.s, so they have become quite smart at adapting to the world. One of the biggest adaptations is the automobile.

However, many automobile manufacturers are responding to the needs of left-handed people and are creating left-handed cars. These left-handed cars are quite popular with this segment of the population. For those of us who are right handed, think for a moment if everything in your car was set up in the exact reverse position that it was. That you were expected to make at times split second decisions with your nondominent hand. This is a very difficult and frustrating position to put anyone in.

Some of the most popular left-handed cars include Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Nissan. These automobile manufacturers have created a number of models with a left-handed version. For Ford these include: Ford Focus, Ford Galaxy and Ford Fusion. For BMW these include: BMW 118, BMW 320, BMW M5. For Volkswagen these include: Volkswagen Eos, Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen New Beetle. For Nissan these include: Nissan Almera, Nissan Murano, Nissan Pathfinder. One can easily see that left handed people can now own a luxury car, a mid-sized car, a moderately priced car and a car that is very safety conscious. It is ideal that left-handed drivers are offered great choices for their automobiles. Left handed drivers can choose many popular cars that we know and love to drive, for all of the popular reasons that other drivers select them.

One might think that offering left-handed cars might reduce the number of accidents. When someone is forced to drive with their non-dominant hand, this must be challenging. At times, this could be the cause of a great safety risk, when someone reaches for something with their dominant hand that is in the "wrong" place for the right-handed car. Now with the left-handed car, the left-handed driver is put in a great position of control.

Before the left-handed car, left-handed drivers must have gotten used to driving in right-handed cars. Left-handed people are simply forced to adapt at many times and situations. This is commonplace when you are not the majority of a group. The majority of the group makes decisions that affect everyone. Now having left handed cars may also boost the confidence of left-handed people autel maxisys ms906. Having a car created just for them recognizes their needs and requirements ds808. It no longer forces them to adapt, they can drive comfortably with their dominant hand in the "right" (correct) place.

Left-handed cars are ideal for many reasons. Hopefully they will encourage even more adaptations for left-handed people. Left handed people deserve to have gadgets and tools that are specifically designed for their needs. Left-handed cars are part of the wave of the future.

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Sweet Sixteen And Free To Drive

Turning sixteen means the keys to a set of wheels - that's what makes it such an important day in most young people's lives. It's not just the fact of driving, it's the thought of the freedom that it brings with it. It's the threshold to a new phase in your life, the stepping stone to independence. It's a cutting away from the apron strings. But it is essential to remember that it takes preparation and training Autel MaxiSys. This is when the basics of driving will be ingrained in you and it's better to start right.

Many young people depend on their parents to teach them and this may not be such a good idea. For one thing, personal issues come into play. For another, a parent is not really qualified in the art and science of driving. Bad habits could be passed down without realizing. The parent might have learned well when he was young but a lot of essentials could have been left by the wayside over the years. Most parents feel the job is done once their child can start, steer, navigate, brake and park. "There's nothing to it...I'll teach you in a day!"

It's best to realize that driver training should be viewed in a serious light and should ideally be left to the professionals. There are many recognized training schools across the country. You'll find they usually offer an in-class and on-the-road combination of teaching ds808. On the road, the special training car ensures the trainer has control of the car as well to avoid accidents. Theory in the class is followed up by practical demonstration on the road. The basics of driving etiquette as well as the rules are hammered in. Safe habits are inculcated right in the beginning as it's always difficult to change a bad habit that's set in.

When it is taught officially and formally, driving also becomes a discipline. We need more responsible drivers on our roads. So let's teach them young. To treat the road with care, to treat pedestrians with respect and to treat themselves with discipline.

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