The word "Automobile" has its origins in Greek and Latin and it has become an integral part of every man's life. It has become so indispensable that on an average, a person spends at least 3 hours in his vehicle every day. Automobile was once thought of as a luxury and only a select few could indulge in. Now, the times have changed and automobiles have become a means of transportation catering to the vast majority.

The transformation from luxury to inevitability

Automobiles, in general, refer to the humble car and the estimates suggest that there is a car for every eleven persons on earth amounting up to 590 million passenger cars. There are various variants of automobiles that cater to every cross section of the population. There are variants that could set you back by a couple of million dollars and other models that cost you a few thousand dollars.

The technological advances in the automobile sector have been tremendous in the last 100 years. The century's greatest invention or advancement should definitely belong to the automobile industry. One of the earliest pioneers of the automobile Industry was Ransom Olds from the Oldsmobile factory. In the early 1900's, he introduced the Production Line concept maxisys pro, thus churning out vehicles every few minutes. This idea was greatly revolutionized and implemented by Henry Ford, who elevated automobile industry to the next level. Ford quickly grew in the first half of 20th century and slowly but steadily spread globally.

Growing along with time

With advancement of age, the automobile industry gradually grew in continental Europe and England. Japan introduced quality initiatives that further enhanced the industry. Toyoto from Japan were the pioneers of Total Quality Management and Six Sigma, which have been the guiding principles of the automobile industry for the last 50 years. Today, Toyoto are the world's biggest automobile company according to recent market estimates.

The global boom of the 1980's was largely because of the automobile revolution. Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, the big 3 automotive giants of America, had a huge say on the country's economy autel maxidas ds808. They decided the health of the economy and the recent global economic recession has affected them badly. This has made them approach the government for loans and benefits, which have been fulfilled by the government after placing appropriate clauses.

Advent of technology and innovations

Automobile has transcended from being a medium of transportation to a medium of entertainment after the advent of super fast cars competing against each other. NASCAR and F1 races are huge crowd pullers every year. People have made fortunes and drivers of these machines have made their name in history. The fact that automobile racing involves huge costs has made the racing industry reel in these uncertain economic times. The sport has seen tragedies with loss of life in some instances. This has made room for strict safety regulations, which are now mandatory for all the automobile shows.

The negative part

Although man has made a huge leap forward with automobiles, there is a downside to this technological wonder. The emissions from these machines have raised serious environmental concerns with calls for more eco friendly vehicles. Automobile companies have invested hugely in research and development of eco-friendly vehicles. Except for this single downside, there is slightest of doubts to say that automobiles have been the find of the previous century.

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Car rental is a very useful service for both business and leisure travels, but also this sector seems to have been affected by the crisis of the last few years.

When you travel, if you do not do that with your own car, you can choose among many public and private means of transport. If you are travelling on a budget you need to use above all public means of transport, trains, buses and underground, while if you can spend a little more money, and especially if you need to be always in time and as precise as possible, you can take a taxi, although the best thing to do is renting a car. However, car rental, a service which can be found all over Italy, is suffering the consequences of the world crisis that has affected many other sectors.

The data regarding the matriculations occurred in 2009 show that there has been a considerable decrease in comparison to 2008: the Fleet & Mobility Study Center claimed that there has been a 25% decrease in the first three months of 2009 Autel MaxiSys, while in 2008 there had been good results, with an increase in the number of matriculations. The purchase and matriculation of new cars might have come to a standstill also as a consequence of the crisis that the sector of travel and tourism is going through: as the number of travel reservations, both for business and for leisure, decreased, car rental companies tried to limit the damage of their own sector and, predicting a drop in demand, both by tourists and by companies, did not expand their fleet, or if they did, they reduced the number of new matriculations in comparison to the past. This does not mean that the number of cars of each company has decreased, but that they went on using older cars MaxiSys Pro, which had already been matriculated: usually the estimated 搇ife?of a car is 8-10 months, but recently it has gone beyond 12 months, and this is what happened in all Italian cities, from Rome to Milan. In fact the expectations about the sector of travel and tourism turned out to be even too pessimistic, and we cannot claim that there has been that drop in demand that had persuaded car rental companies to stop matriculations, but this did not change things, as new cars had not been ordered: as a consequence car rental companies could only use the cars that were already part of their fleet.

If Italy has suffered from a decrease in the number of new matriculations, we cannot claim that many other countries have had better results: in the States, just to make an example, General Motors received far fewer requests for matriculations by car rental companies, resulting in the lowest level since 1975.

In the second half of 2009 there have been more reassuring data, with a demand in car hire more similar to that of 2008, and an evidence of this is given by the fact that rental car companies were even able to choose their own costumers: the new trend is preferring those tourists that can afford to spend quite large sums of money to companies, that usually pay less.

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